Tips For Beating Chronic Joint Pain

Stiff joints and osteoarthritis can quite literally be a pain in the rear end. Joint pain, especially in your hips and knees, can rob you of mobility and make everyday tasks a giant struggle. 

For patients experiencing daily pain from arthritis in the hip, or your elbows are stiff from chronic tendonitis, or your back is throbbing after a long days work, the first response for pain relief is usually to take a pain reliever followed by rest. Then get up the next day to deal with the same haunting pains.

In order to find some relief, it is common practice to turn to over the counter pain medications. This is the first mistake when it comes to joint pain. Pain relievers (even OTC meds) are hard on your stomach, kidneys, and liver, and it’s unsafe to take for continued use. 

Paired with rest and avoiding further irritating the joint so that the pain can go away sounds like the right step, but for chronic joint pain, prohibiting movement and actually makes matters worse. 


Just Keep Moving

When we limit movement to already stiff joints, it makes them weaker. If you want to beat joint pain, you must find a safer way to soothe pain and you must also keep moving.

Lemak Health’s orthopedic experts consider a conservative approach to joint care. Orthopedic surgery for total joint replacements is not your only option. Rather, the orthopedic experts at Lemak Health offer alternative treatment services such as Regenerative Medicine.

PRP has been used by a variety of medical specialist for a variety of chronic problems. The primary indication for orthopedic use of PRP has been for the treatment of chronic tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) and heel spurs (plantar fasciitis). Other uses have included improved wound healing in total joints, Achilles tendonitis, muscle strains, and partial ligament tears.

If the joint pain you’re experiencing isn’t subsiding, or you’re struggling to walk as far as you used to, it could be time for an assessment from an experienced orthopedic surgeon.