The most common injury to the elbow is commonly referred to as tennis elbow or epicondylitis. A chronic injury that persists for a period of time, it is a form of tendonitis that causes pain over the bony structure in the elbow called the lateral epicondyle on the exterior of the elbow.


Tennis elbow is caused by repetitive motion on the muscles and tendons that are connected to the lateral epicondyle. While there is no certain avenue for treating tennis elbow, we have begun utilizing treatments such as physical therapy and platelet rich plasma injections to help expedite the healing process.

Arthroscopy of the Elbow

Certain injuries to the elbow respond well to arthroscopy, a surgical technique in which the physician inserts a needle-shaped fiber optic telescope, or arthroscope, in the joint through an incision approximately 1/8 inch long. Utilizing instruments as small as 1/10 inch, corrective surgery is performed. Normally done as an outpatient procedure, arthroscopy causes less trauma to the tissues than traditional, more invasive surgeries. You may want to discuss the arthroscopic procedure with your physician to see if it is the right solution for your particular ailment. Your doctor can guide you in this regard and explain what to expect, including your timetable for recovery.