Jaguars' Robinson Tears ACL

ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries, like the one suffered by Allen Robinson- the NFL wide receiver for the Jaguars, can sideline an athlete. Fortunately, although a torn ACL is a serious knee injury, common in sports medicine, new surgical technology used by Lemak Health and advances in medical therapies have made ACL tears less of a career-ending injury, and more of a seasonal detour.

What Does the ACL do?

The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is one of the two major ligaments of the knee. It is one of four tough "crossing" ligaments that work together to stabilize the knee. (Ligaments are very strong forms of connective tissue that connect to bones or cartilage.) The ACL acts as a safety restraint, keeping the knee and tibia from moving too far during forward motion. It also helps stabilize the knee when the knee is rotating and during other movements. This makes the ACL vulnerable to tears when your body is pivoting or twisting.

Symptoms of a Torn ACL

The severity of symptoms, such as knee pain, swelling, difficulty walking and standing, and knee instability, can vary, depending on how badly the ACL is torn. With a small partial tear, there may be few, if any symptoms or knee instability.  Even if the tear is complete, low-level activities may not show much knee instability, although there may be pain and swelling.

  • Limping
  • Knee instability
  • Bruising around the knee
  • Swelling
  • Activity related pain
  • Pain upon standing
  • Arthritis of the knee

Treatment for a Torn ACL in Birmingham Al

In some cases, if the tear is not significant, patients can avoid surgery using targeted, progressive physical therapy in conjunction with a hinged knee brace. If the tear is serious, or there is a secondary injury, surgical intervention may be required.

Torn ACL injuries can often be treated using advanced arthroscopic procedures instead of more invasive “open” techniques. This allows the surgeon to access and repair the damaged areas while avoiding the need to cut down through additional tissues. This, in turn, helps patients heal faster, with less pain and shorter recovery periods.

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With decades of experience in treating professional and collegiate athletes, and training in advanced surgical care, he is uniquely qualified to help local athletes of all ages and calibers in the Alabaster, Birmingham, Gardendale, and Prattville, Alabama areas.

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