Physician Assistant: The Manpower Behind the Medicine

At Lemak Health, our physicians practice among a team of dedicated staff which includes a physician assistants (PAs, but most patients don’t understand the vital role that they play in patient care.


Physician Assistants are thoroughly trained

  • To take an appropriate patient history
  • Assist with examinations
  • Perform injections
  • Schedule ancillary procedures
  • Apply and remove casts, braces, and splints
  • Serve as first surgical assistant
  • Provide accurate post and pre-op patient education


The value of a PA is dependent upon the view of many, including

  1. Their supervising physician
  2. The employing practice
  3. Their patients


An Orthopedic Surgeon mentors their PA to influence their personalized care methodology. Like an apprentice, PAs are trained to work one-on-one with an orthopedic surgeon in order to ensure consistent care is extended to their patients. Often described as a physician extender, PAs are specialized and trained to identify problems quickly and speak with a supervising physician about them.

At Lemak Health, our orthopedic physician assistants are well respected and trusted by their supervising orthopedic surgeons. If you have heard Doctor Scott Appell say, “I want you to come back in for a follow up with Jennifer next time.” Know that you are in good hands. Appell explained that his longtime PA, Jennifer Rawlings, has been his right hand for well over 10 years and has provided support in all aspects of his patients’ care. 


The Manpower Behind the Medicine

PAs are midlevel healthcare providers who practice medicine as part of a healthcare team with a supervising physician. They are trained in three areas of orthopedics including assisting with patient management, fracture management, and assisting in surgery. Board Certified physician assistants must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience specifically in orthopedics before they are eligible. No other allied health providers have a required extent of specialized training requirements.

A PA at Lemak Health may effectively be part of the patient encounter from start to finish; helping assist with each patient’s workup, collecting patient history, and help assist the patient and physician from the evaluation stages through treatment and follow-ups.

Lemak Health’s PAs work exclusively with a supervising physician and are a great asset to the practice. Most physicians’ assistants hold additional certifications and licensing, such as surgical assisting, X-Ray technology, wound management, sports medicine, and athletic training, and clinical research, therefore, allowing our practice and physicians to maximize efficiency.

As a physician extender, PAs allow physicians to see more patients per day and allow physicians to spend time with patients who have complex problems that require more one-on-one attention. Through a PA, patients receive proficient and cost-effective care, which always results in a great sense of satisfaction on behalf of our patients. Physician Assistants are an integral part of the Lemak Health team.