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NATM March


March is National Athletic Training Month and serves as a chance to spread awareness about all that athletic trainers do.

Athletic trainers play a vital role in an athlete’s recovery from a sports injury. They provide guidance and support on and off the field. Athletic trainers provide prevention techniques, rehabilitation, health care administration, education, injury recognition, injury evaluation, and aggressive treatment.

Athletic trainers are involved in multiple settings. You can find ATCs hard at work with professional sports teams, colleges and universities, high schools, clinics and hospitals, corporate and industrial settings, and military branches.

Thank you to the athletic trainers who help us provide quality health care to student athletes state-wide. We are proud and thankful to have you on our team!

Ashton Vincze

Tyler Cooper

Ciara Taylor

Katie Cardinal

Angela Gaines

Julie Strange

Russell Bradt

Abbie Duhe

Donna Boyd

Ellan Harris

Michael Shields

Michael Simpson

Jasmine Stephens

Clinton Barthelemy

Alicia Jay

Ashley Stockman

Kelli Seremet

Nathan Foshee

Kathy Blakey

Kristi Coots

Emma Morozowsky

Mike Miller

Brad Myrick

Tyler Dennis

Kristy Phillips

Kenny Zaremba

MJ Ballard

Steve Weedon

Jeremy Cleveland

John Beaupre’

Colby Baker

Russell Salmon

Rachel Presley