Dr. Lemak Reflects on Insight Gained During His Battle with Cancer | Lemak Health

Click here to view a story that aired on ABC 33/40 shortly after Dr. Lemak finished chemotherapy in 2013.

About 14.5 million people living in the United States have been told, in so many words, “You have cancer.” Some of those individuals are doctors and medical professionals. Living with cancer is difficult for anyone, but doctors with cancer face a unique challenge. They are comfortable giving others medical care but receiving it can be difficult and unfamiliar.

Several years ago, in October of 2012, Dr. Larry Lemak, Founder of Lemak Health, a nationally recognized leader in the field of orthopedics, was experiencing a chronic sore throat and went to the doctor to have it checked out. After several tests, Dr. Lemak learned he had cancer.

After his diagnosis, he had several weeks of chemotherapy and radiation.

Through his public encounter with cancer, Dr. Lemak says he learned to be a better doctor as he experienced life through the eyes of a patient.

This holiday season, Dr. Lemak would like to share a few insights he gained during his battle with cancer.

Remember to keep your priorities straight- faith in God (1), family (2), and work (3). The support of the local community is vital during times of struggle. Life is unpredictable. When faced with adversity, use it to find opportunities to help others that might be going through similar struggles. Dr. Lemak said the most important thing he learned is that there is no alternative to prayer- no matter the circumstances.