Tips to prevent injury keep you in full swing and enjoying your golf game all season long

Groundbreaking season is here. Many have perfected their winter swing and are ready to step out on the green hoping to shoot their age and at least maintain or improve their golf game. Lemak Health wants to help you prevent injuries in the start of the season, keep you playing at the level you want to perform at in order to keep shooting your age and help golfers of all ages continue to protect and maintain a level of activity that keeps you in full swing and enjoying your golf game all season long.

A large number of golfers (nearly 40%) experience a golf-related injury to some degree and continue to play golf through the pain, which often perpetuates discomfort and hinders your golf score. Playing golf pain-free is a possibility, and some injuries are preventable; even for golfers who have or are dealing with joint issues such as osteoarthritis in their hands, shoulders, hips, and knees.

Injury Prevention begins with Nutrition, Hydration, and Flexibility

Nutrition and flexibility are imperative for every golfer in preparation for an excellent “long game.” In preparation for golf season, golfers should prepare their bodies for the physical impact of their golf game by conditioning and strengthening their core muscles in order to protect their joints. Also, focus on flexibility and mobility by regularly stretching your back, shoulders, and hamstrings. 

Whether you are walking 18 holes or riding in a cart, proper hydration is key. Drink water and hydrate your body long before you take your first swing.  To avoid energy burnout, eat a small, high protein, low sugar meal at least an hour before you play and boost your heightened metabolism by consuming a balanced meal afterwards. Maintaining and monitoring energy consumption will help keep you playing late into the season. 

Did you know that playing at certain times of the day can also improve your golf game? While some may try and work in a round of 18 holes whenever they can, playing in the early morning or later in the afternoon helps your golf game by optimizing energy levels in the morning. Plus the lower temperatures in morning in late afternoons helps to avoid the sun exhausting your energy and tiring your muscles. If you do enjoy a midday tee off, be sure to wear sunscreen and reapply. The 6th and 13th holes are great stops to apply skin protection.


If you have a significant injury or pain impairing your mobility and golf game, request an appointment in our Lemak Health-Birmingham office with Dr. Scott Appell, our resident golfer and renowned surgeon. “If you come in tomorrow with a specific pain such as arthritis of the knee, the first thing we determine is where you are at physically. What is your medical history? What are some of the things that can lead to this? What treatments have you had in the past? And where can we start your therapy?”

Lemak Health provides our patients with a full service, “Patient-centric” healthcare model. Dr. Appell explained the frustrations an arthritic patient often faces outside our office by adding, “Someone with arthritis may have to receive their care at 4 or 5 different places. Including their primary care doctor, who sends them to a rheumatologist, who sends them to a therapist, who sends them back to an orthopedist. The patients are going in a circle… We (Lemak Heath) can accommodate all of that in one place and we will have all of your information here and can all be involved in your care as a team. We think of the patients first and their experience is better overall. That’s our goal!”

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