Lemak Health urges football players and parents of players to watch for signs of concussions



As noted in a recent online article from Fox News, it has been found that football helmets do little to prevent concussions.

Fox News notes that helmets are crucial for preventing skull fractures, but they may do very little to protect players against concussions.

This information was found through a study conducted by researchers at Florida State University, which analyzed the strength and safety of 10 popular football helmet designs.

At Lemak Health, we want to urge football players of all ages, as well as their parents and coaches, to look for signs of concussions.

Our website has information about concussions, as well as signs and symptoms of concussions listed below.

Signs and symptoms include: • Nausea • Balance problems/ dizziness • Double or blurry vision • Sensitivity to light and noise • Fatigue or drowsiness • Changes in sleep patters • Trouble comprehending and/ or concentrating • Depression

The Fox News article continues to remind readers that wearing a helmet is extremely important for the safety of the skull, but that it does little to prevent mild traumatic brain injury.