What makes a GREAT Orthopedic Doctor?

A good doctor is not one who cures most, nor makes the best diagnosis. It’s not one who knows more scientific facts or even one who discovers a new fact or treatment. And believe it or not, a great doctor can’t be determined by how gentle, compassionate, honest, or empathetic they may be. The human variables make defining a good doctor a very difficult task.

Physician, Gabriel S. Gorin Rosebaum explained, “Other professionals can be judged by their end results, but a doctor can be defined as good only when he or she has as many as possible of the above attributes. A good doctor is simultaneously learned, honest, kind, humble, enthusiastic, optimistic, and efficient. He or she inspires total confidence in patients and daily renews the magical relationship that by itself constitutes good treatment fan any kind of ailment and the best starting point for confronting all causes of pain and suffering.”

The talented Orthopedic Surgeons at Lemak Health are world renowned for their advancements in surgical procedures, their mission to improve and advocate for sports safety, and most importantly, their skillful execution of repairing the most complicated orthopedic injuries.

So we asked our patients what qualities they most value in Lemak Health’s team of orthopedic and sports medicine experts. Their responses helped us define what a GREAT Orthopedic Doctor is made of:

Good bedside manner

            Meredith Miles Tibbs reviewed Lemak Health — on Facebook

January 2 · 

I took my 9 year old son to see Dr. Iyengar yesterday for his foot pain. He was a little nervous, but Dr. Iyengar and her nurse (Jessica) and the x-ray tech (Samantha) made him very comfortable and at ease. Dr. Iyengar explained what was going on with his feet in terms we could all understand. We had an x-ray, saw the doctor, fitted with a boot and in & out of the clinic in no time. Thanks to everyone for being so friendly and efficient from the moment we 1st walked in the front door.



                Richard McManus in Homewood, Alabama

Aug 28, 2016

I don't think you could find a better doctor. He is informative and takes as much time as you need to explain your problem and how to solve it. He talks to you in terms you can understand and will never talk down to you. It is like visiting a friend instead of a doctors office. Very professional. Dr. Appell has done both of my knees and both shoulders. To say I am satisfied is an understatement. He is the reason I can walk and throw without pain.



            Joy Harper Hartley Russell reviewed Lemak Health — on Facebook

January 29, 2017 · 

Love, love this skilled and caring man! Such a pleasure to work with him when I was heading up the ER in B/ham—he [Dr. Lawrence Lemak] was always there if needed, whether for one of the star athletes he treated or for a local high school athlete- -----when we called and needed him to come to the ER he never once asked about the patient's insurance status, was always kind and personable, and treated everyone the same, whether a famous patient or a grade school athlete-- he is a truly remarkable man and well deserves any and every honor bestowed on him.

Denise Carter Cord reviewed Lemak Health — on Facebook

about 2 months ago

I highly recommend Dr. James. After seeing someone else for a year with no help and my daughter's knee got worse. A trainer at a softball game got her in to see Dr. James... He ordered an MRI the next day and surgery the next week...She's so much better. She's finally pain-free. He listens and has great knowledge. Love how the MRI place and PT are right there too!! We will miss the wonderful staff at PT!!


Advocates for their patients

Deborah W in CHICAGO, IL

Dec 12, 2017

Dr. James is outstanding! He was able to specifically diagnose my knee pain. While he is an Orthopedic Surgeon, he did not push me into a "surgical only option". After ordering the appropriate tests, he was able to explain, in detail, the multitude of issues with my knee. I was given honest options for a course of treatment, which allowed me to make an educated decision. He was spot on and I was back to my normal active lifestyle, including playing tennis within two weeks.


Trustworthy, Teachable, and Team Oriented

Karin Scott in Birmingham, AL

Nov 13, 2016

I required highly complex fusion surgeries on both ankles. I interviewed 3 surgeons before selecting Dr. Iyengar. She was most thorough in assessing my problem and explaining her surgical plan for me. Under Dr. Iyengar's expert care I received 100% pain relief &improved function from crippling PTTD (posterior tibial tendon deficiency.) Foot/ankle surgery is complicated-don't trust it to anyone but the best. Dr. Iyengar is an excellent surgeon and genuinely cares for her patients.


Our Patients know best, the makings of a great orthopedic surgeon! Our patients tell us all the time how wonderful it is to have a physician that advocates for them, that has a great bedside manner, that is relatable more so than reputable, and that they trust to repair their broken bones and damaged joints and relieves the pain they are facing! The physicians at Lemak Health are humbled by the recommendations and testimonies of our patients. Lemak Health is committed to improving life after injury.  We appreciate our patients sharing their stories and recognizing all of the hard work we invest into rehabilitating the toughest injuries.